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To support medical RESEARCH for finding effective treatments and eventually a cure for melanoma. To EDUCATE patients and physicians about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of melanoma. To act as an ADVOCATE for the melanoma community to raise the awareness of this disease and the need for a cure. Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) is the largest independent, national organization devoted to melanoma in the United States. Committed to the support of medical research in finding effective treatments and eventually a cure for melanoma.

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Covered Up

Hats, sun protective clothing, rash guards and sunglasses, look no further for my top picks!

Everyday Clothes

You might be surprised to hear that I'm not a big fan of sunscreen.  Now, that isn't to say I don't wear it, because I do.  But, I've always felt that sun protective clothing should be a first line of defense and sunscreen more like a fill-in-the-blank.  Use sunscreen to protect your face, ears and hands and let clothing do the rest.  The other advantage to using clothing is you don't have to worry about reapplication, not to mention it's quicker!  Now for the tricky part…how do we stay covered on hot days without boiling or looking like a fool?  I'm not claiming to have completely solved this issue, but if you don't want to invest in UPF clothing* here are a few practical tips…  
  • A white cotton t-shirt has an SPF of about 5.  Darker colors absorb more UV rays, so simply opting for a dark blue or black t-shirt instead of a white one instantly improves your protection.
  • Loose fitting clothes are always cooler than tight.
  • Denim is an excellent UV blocker.  Baggy, wide leg jeans give amazing UV protection.
  • Polyester, silk and hemp are much better than cotton at blocking UV rays.  Many skirts and kimono style tops use polyester or silk.  Guys, think Hawaiian shirts.
  • A tight weave is always preferable.  If you can see skin thru your clothes, so can the sun!
  • Collared shirts are better than crew neck or wide neck t-shirts since collars protect the vulnerable back-of-neck area.
*If you're looking to invest in a few pieces of UPF clothing, check out my UPF Fav's article for recommendations.